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Online & in-person coaching

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If you are unsure of what program is best for you or want to talk with the coach 1 on 1, consultations are completely free of charge.

Meet with me In Person

For the absolute best results visit one of these Snap Fitness locations and ask for me. You may also reach out to me directly.

 Snap Fitness AZ  Yavapai Locations:
Village of Oak Creek, Sedona

- West Sedona

- Cottonwood


Meet the owner & head coach


Coach Dominic

Through Dominic's certifications, education, and experience, he is able to apply innovative and effective training methods. All custom personal training programs are built from the ground up. Utilizing anecdotal and current science-backed research, the selection of exercises will not only get you to break through your goals but will establish the foundations necessary to help you long term. 

Dominic's experience has been of a wide audience. From college students and adults to professional & collegiate level athletes, he has seen all different body types and training methods. His current specialties are in strength and muscle growth training.

Dom believes in truly educating each and every one of his clients. He does not want anyone to heavily rely on a personal trainer. Rather, he wishes to give each client the proper education and knowledge to not only use their body but control their body. 

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What is Full Throttle Fitness?

FTF was started as an online and in person coaching business. After seeing countless out of shape personal trainers, inexperienced personal trainers, and trainers that simply didn't keep up with the tried and true training methods, I decided I had enough. I founded what I believe to be some of the best coaching you can get online & in - person. Eventually, Full Throttle Fitness will become an accessible training facility. Until then, put that peddle to the metal and smash your training goals with our online or in person training.

Contact me

Because I put my all into program design and coaching, I will only take on a new client who is prepared to give me 100%.

Effort is the single most important thing you as a client can control.


Dominic Marchitelli

FTF - Head Coach / Owner

IG: D3march

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In person training available at the Snap Fitness VOC & Sedona Locations.

Will travel to do in-home training (depending on location)

Online programming / coaching


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