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Coaching Services

Learning the ropes

Short Programs

Four week programs for clients who are looking for something less personalized, very affordable, and easy to jump into.


  • Coach & trainer limited communication.

  • App access


The best choice for all lifting ages

Customized Programming

3, 6, & 12 month programs that are designed to progressively push you to surpassing your goals. Perfect for clients who have a goal in mind or for anyone looking for hands on 1 on 1 coaching. 


  • Coach & Trainer full communication

  • Form breakdown, exercise analysis

  • Q & A - Education

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Discount on Nutrition plan

  • Coach will analyze your other metrics

  • App access

Enhance your results

Nutrition / Meal Plans

This is the ultimate form of body enhancement. Having a proper meal plan is just as important as having a well designed workout program. In order to create positive long term habits and maximize your return on investment into yourself, consider adding this service on.


  • Coach & Client full communication

  • Nutrition breakdown

  • Extra dietary resource(s)

Fresh Produce

Coaching plans

These programs are 4 weeks in length and are designed to lay the ground work for proper training toward your goals. Each program has been proven to yield results and provides me the capability to build off of them in a more personal way.

"Personalized Custom Program" is only available in 3, 6, or 12 month durations. This is done to yield maximum results & consistency for my more serious clientele.



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Trending for women

COVID friendly


A letter scale of A - C indicates the minimum lifting age recommended for the program.
A is beginner, B is intermediate, C is advanced

How it works:

Once purchase has been completed, you will be issued a private invite to the app through your email.
The app is used to do most activities.
It will have your program, exercise videos, a way for you to track a
plethora of metrics including your food intake, sleep, progress photos, & more.
From there, you begin a new chapter in fitness & wellness.

Nutrition / Meal prep

In addition to top tier programming and fitness coaching, Dominic can also provide a comprehensive nutritional outline for his clients. This data can then be managed and tracked through the app so that both the client and the coach are able to see & alter the nutrition plan.

It is of extreme importance that you work closely with your trainer on developing a healthy and effective meal plan strategy.
Proper nutrient consumption may lead to significant aesthetic and physiological changes. In order to best optimize your food intake to match your goals, we will craft you an individualized meal plan / nutritional guideline to follow.

This plan will allow you to gain, lose, or maintain overall body weight to help you reach and surpass your goals.

*This is only offered as an add on with purchase of
Personalized Program.*

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