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There are many supplement companies in the industry which makes choosing the right products very difficult. Many companies use filler ingredients or quite simply, ingredients that are completely unnecessary and useless. After personally trying hundreds of different companies products, there is only one company I recommend. Axe & Sledge Supplements.

One of the unique benefits of being my client is that I will provide you with my code which will give you a discount on all of their supplements & apparel.
The supplements should be used in combination with my coaching and nutrition programming.

A personalized Stack recommendation can be given during consultation.

Stack Recommendation:

Stack Recommendation:

Intermediate - Advanced Lifter

The Grind - Recovery Product features BCAAS, EAAS, Hydration

Fyred - Intense fat burner

Ignition Switch - Pre workout

Demo Day - Carb Powder

Hydraulic - Stim free pre workout, can be taken on its own. Great for a night time workout. It can also be combined with other pre workouts for enhanced pump & nutrient flow.

7th gear - Intense Pre workout

Begginer - Intermediate Lifter

For a limited time only, I have made my code public to anyone looking for premium, high grade supplements to kickstart their performance / recovery.



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