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Tylure Torres

Enjoyable, informative, motivating

As a mom of 2 I started with Dominic with back, hip, and knee pain. After a couple months I noticed I had more energy, confidence, and no more pain! He is so knowledgeable at what he does and takes safety seriously. We always talked positively about nutrition and other healthy life style changes. I’m so grateful to have worked with him!

Robert "Black Heart" Burns

Got me back on track

Had in my right knee replaced 3+ years ago fixing that seemed to throw my left hip out of whack which was replaced this past February. Lost a considerable strength in my left leg due to the hip pain. Dom put me on a training regimen that started me on my way back to getting strength in my left leg but also included entire body work over. He did a great job. I will continue to keep his number in my contacts for check ins when necessary.

Caitlin Carson

Recovery, Health, Strength

Dom was really great in helping me get back on my feet after surgery. Slowly but surely I gained more strength in the gym than I’ve ever had before.
From there we went into my first fitness competition prep that ended with me winning my pro card! He was good at adapting the plan to what I needed!

Parker McManus

Great, knowledgable,kind

Honestly, it has been an excellent experience training with Dom. I can't think of a single time he let me down throughout the three short months I worked out with him. I also want to mention he has continued to provide me with additional help after our training had concluded. 10/10

Thomas Keaffaber

Health, Strength, Energy

Overall quality of life is vastly improved. I have energy, strength, and have never felt better. I have an improved outlook on life and feel more aware of what I am doing in the gym.
Going into this I did not have strong weight loss habits, but now Dominic has helped me develop more long lasting, healthy habits in many areas of my life.

John Hughmanick

Phenomenal trainings

I started working out with Dominick in May of 2019. Having been a gym rat since I was 20 years old I found my routine becoming stale and in need of updating. I've not been disappointed in the least. Dominick is probably the best trainer At my local gym. He delivers a focused and intense training regime Perfectly tailored to his clients individual needs. He gets my highest personal recommendation.

Steve McMillan

Precise, informative, Motivating

I signed up for Dom's Key Strength program. The results were unreal to me. The 4 weeks of this program helped me develop more than years of training on my own. Dominic is very instructional, took the time to video call me and message when needed, and gave me the motivation to continue my program without missing a single workouts! I will be continuing with personalized training. If you want to get strong fast, try that program out.

Tasfiq Raihan

Discipline, Fluid, Motivating

It was extremely finding time to exercise while being in the military, and going to school at the same time. And when I did have the free time I couldn't find the motivation to go then. But then I reached out to Coach Dom and he helped me be the absolute best I can be and keep pushing. Dom took his time to consider everything going on in my life: What my day to day was like, dieting habits, what I had been doing already, and he made the perfect plan to fit my lifestyle. On top of all that, Dom checked in regular to make sure I wasn't slacking and that I was making the right decisions to further better myself. I started dropping Lbs and gaining more muscle. Since I started working with Dom, I find myself feeling less tired, more healthy, and of course more fit. I encourage you all to do the same!

Sarah Smith

Education, helpful, cares

Dom gives really well made programs that fit me. He helped me with gaining confidence again. I can't say enough how motivating he is and I recommend him to everyone !

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